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Résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Research Assistant – École de technologie supérieure

September 2022 – Present (1 year)

Contract Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Developed a tool for time series analysis and comparison using Microsoft Power BI.

  • Analyzed and graphically visualized several datasets of performance monitoring data using Power BI.

  • Reorganized and documented the directory structure of the Network Technology Lab's servers.

Lab Manager, Research Assistant – Mila Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

April 2021 – October 2021 (6 months)

Contract Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Handled PI's administrative tasks of the joint lab between Mila AI Institute and McGill University.

  • Obtained and managed large datasets for machine learning analysis.

  • Created and maintained the official lab website using Hugo.

Software Engineer – Infor

May 2019 – August 2019 (4 months)

Full-time  Prague, Czechia

  • Worked in an Agile team to develop a web application for staffing management used by clients in the healthcare industry.

  • Utilized Java, Angular 2, Kotlin, and Cucumber in our development stack.

  • Wrote unit tests in JUnit and end-to-end tests in Gherkin using Cucumber.js.


Full-Stack Software Developer – Aktis Intel

​April 2018 – March 2019 (1 year)

Contract  Prague, Czechia


  • Worked in an Agile team to develop both the frontend and backend of a web application, and the associated automated unit and end-to-end tests.

  • Utilized Python, Angular 5, Django, Redux, and Docker in our development stack.

  • Updated the company website manually, and created a free public demo product.

Software Developer – TATA Consultancy Services

Jan 2016 – May 2017 (17 months)

Client Project: QA Analyst for Bank of Montreal

Full-time  Toronto, ON, Canada


  • Prepared test data and performed functional testing on an Oracle database.

  • Designed, wrote, and carried out test cases using the HP ALM tool.

  • Carried out integration, regression, and accessibility testing and logged defects.

Neuroscience Masters Research Assistant – McMaster University, Department of Medical Physics

​September 2012 – September 2014 (2 years)

Full-time  Hamilton, ON, Canada


  • Developed MATLAB software to analyze 3D brain data from MRI scans.

  • Compared cortical myelination thickness maps of bipolar patients with those of healthy controls using statistical parametric mapping techniques.

Science Lab Tech Assistant – Leysin American School

​January 2011 – April 2011 (4 months)

Internship  Leysin, Switzerland


  • Prepared, organized, explained, and supervised Grade 11-12 IB science labs.

  • Maintained, tested, and organized the laboratory facilities and equipment.

Chemical Physics USRA Research Assistant – University of British Columbia, Department of Chemistry

​May 2010 – August 2010 (4 months)

Internship  Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • Modified and used Fortran programs for the simulation of wavepacket resonance of diatomic molecules.

  • Independently operated and carried out experiments using a femtosecond laser system.

Chemical Physics USRA Research Assistant – University of Waterloo, Department of Chemistry

​September 2009 – December 2009 (4 months)

Internship  Waterloo, ON, Canada


  • Implemented and used Fortran programs for performing fits to spectroscopic data in a UNIX environment.

  • Became familiar with software such as vi, Tecplot, and LaTeX.

Northern Vegetation Database Research – Natural Resources Canada, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

​January 2009 – April 2009 (4 months)

Internship  Ottawa, ON, Canada


  • Processed large amounts of raw data from hyperspectral remote sensors using MS Excel, by writing macros in Visual Basic for Applications.

Residence Computer Consultant – UWaterloo Housing

September 2008 – December 2008 (4 months)

Part-time  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Provided technical support for students in residence.

House Manager, Box Office Attendant, Usher, Concessions – UWaterloo Theatre Centre

Sept 2007 – June 2012, Sept 2014 – Jan 2015, Jan 2023Present (6 years)

Part-time – Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Managing the front of house, ushering, concession stand sales, and box office ticket sales.

Administrative Assistant – Laval Martin Consulting

March 2022 – September 2022 (6 months)

Contract Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Handled various administrative tasks for a sole proprietorship.

  • Ran marketing campaigns through Mailchimp.

Event Coordinator, Admin Assistant, Actor – The Bear Educational Theatre

January 2020 – December 2021 (2 years)

Part-time  Prague, Czechia

  • Performed in educational theatre shows for elementary and high school students across Czechia, Poland, and France.

  • Organized booking of Poland tours, administrative tasks.

Event Coordinator, Music DJ – Scarlet Spades

September 2009 – June 2020 (11 years)

Self-employed  Global

  • Organized or performed at electronic music and arts events.

Data Collection – Pactera

December 2019 – December 2021 (2 years)

Freelance  Online

  • Collected data for machine learning algorithms, transcription.

English Teacher – VIPKid

April 2020 – October 2020 (6 months)

Contract  Online

  • Taught English as a second language to children in China.

Copy Editor – Cactus Communications, Computer Science and Mathematics Center of Excellence

Aug 2017 – Feb 2018, Oct 2019 – Feb 2020 (1 year)

Freelance  Online

  • Edited computer science and mathematics papers.

Cashier – Canada Computers

February 2015 – August 2015 (7 months)

Full-time  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Provided customers with information and sold products.

Event Coordinator – Synergizer Collective

January 2014 – January 2016 (2 years)

Self-employed  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Organized and marketed electronic music and arts events.

Exam Proctor – UWaterloo School of Accounting and Finance

September 2014 – December 2014 (4 months)

Part-time  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Supervised undergraduate exams.

Biology Teaching Assistant – McMaster University

September 2012 – December 2013 (16 months)

Part-time  Hamilton, ON, Canada

  • Taught and graded undergraduate biology courses.

Dorm Duty, Substitute Teacher, Tutor – Leysin American School

​January 2011 – April 2011 (4 months)

Internship  Leysin, Switzerland


  • Taught, tutored, and supervised Grade 9-12 international students.

Chemistry Lab Teaching Assistant – UWaterloo Chemistry

September 2009 – December 2009 (4 months)

Part-time  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Taught and graded undergraduate chemistry labs.

Residence Community Assistant – UWaterloo Housing

May 2009 – August 2009 (4 months)

Part-time  Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • Planned events and provided emergency support in residence.

Marketing Assistant, Usher – Markham Theatre

September 2006 – August 2007 (1 year)

Part-time  Markham, ON, Canada

  • Helped with event promotion, administration, and ushering.

Assessing intracortical myelin in the living human brain using myelinated cortical thickness

​Frontiers in Neuroscience 2015; 9(396)

Rowley CD, Bazin P-L, Tardif CL, Sehmbi M, Hashim E, Zaharieva N, Minuzzi L, Frey BN, Bock NA

Statistical examination of myelinated cortical thickness in bipolar disorder

Masters Thesis, August 2014​

Zaharieva N

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